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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Becky DeVore who was born in Michigan on January 06, 1985 and passed away on April 19, 2003 at the age of 18. We will remember her forever. She is still in all of our hearts and minds everyday. We miss you so much. Becky chose to take her own life out of despair and a series of terrible events. At the time it seemed that she was experiencing the normal up and downs of a teenager but in a short period of time a number of bad events crushed Becky. Being very sensitive it left her alone and vulnerable to bad influence in school who chewed her up because she had nowhere and no one to turn too. As a family we failed to see how serious Becky had taken these dark life events and should have acted faster to recognize the effect it had on her. You never know what goes on in the mind of a child and how they view the world. What seems to be life's normal up's and down's my be overwhelming to a child already on the edge. Our family struggles very hard to this day. Becky left behind wonderful brothers who she had such a positive influence on and they dearly miss her.
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14 years   / DaddyO (Father)
It has been 14 years since that tragic day in April. Your family is in shambles and there is pain every where now with the death of your Grandfather. Never got to say goodbye to him so may you could tell him for me. Horrible story of his death but I ...  Continue >>
Miss the bond we had.   / DaddyO DeVore (Father)
Goobers was my nickname for Becky because when she was a baby she loved to fall asleep laying on my chest and she drooled a lot so by the time I put her into bed my shirt would be soaked by my little goobers. Today is going to be extra rough because ...  Continue >>
Becky  / DaddyO (FATHER)
Long before you wherever born I had the name Becky picked out for you. To me is was a name filled with love and sweetness and when I first saw your face I knew I was right and the name was perfect. I love you and miss my beautiful daughter
Never move on.   / DaddyO (Father)
Over the past 11 years I have heard so much on how to deal with a tragedy like Becky's or suicide in general and like most parents the idea of healing or moving on is just a fallacy of terrible understanding by outsiders. For most, the more time move...  Continue >>
Family pain.   / DaddyO (Father)
I am sad to say that none of us have really healed much and even though we try to hide the pain it is always there. We really don't know how to move on from something like this. All we know is there is nothing but love for you my daughter.
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Becky's words 9 years later  / DaddyO DeVore (Father)    Read >>
Love and death  / DaddyO DeVore (Father)    Read >>
i am so very sorry  / Sally Briggs     Read >>
7 Years  / DaddyO (Father)    Read >>
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Need Your Help  / Mom (mother)    Read >>
Bad Feeling  / DaddyO (father)    Read >>
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Her legacy
Becky Eizabeth DeVore  
The legacy that Becky leaves behind is the legacy of an undying belief that she could help everyone who was in her short life with friendship and a soft shoulder to cry on. She defined her whole existence on helping others with no regard to the pain it caused her. She thought that the only way to happiness was to solve all of her friend’s problems and provide love and compassion to all. Becky took the world upon her shoulders without regard to herself.

Her spirit filled the halls of her school John Glenn and everyone that knew her and loved her. She was so popular not because of her looks but because she cared about everyone.

She found out in the final months of her life that all of the love and friendship she gave out did not cushion her against the cruelties in life. It did not matter if you were a good person or mean, self centered and cruel she would give of herself no matter what. She truly believed the love she gave could change people from bad to good from sad to happy. 

She sought out people that she knew were in trouble and had callous personalities in hopes of showing them that things could change and you did not have to walk in the darkness. She lived for only one thing and that was the happiness of others. This was more then any 18-year-old children should take upon themself. She had all the wonderful qualities of a saint. 

We miss and love her so much.

We Love You Becky Elizabeth DeVore
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